Dr. Jared Gaines, MD

Practicing Psychiatry for almost 15 years in a field that has been rapidly growing in diagnostic and treatment advances, Dr. Jared Gaines is constantly using the latest proven techniques as well as traditional ones to care for his patients and get them better.

His patient-centric philosophy in which each person under his care is evaluated and treated as an individual, with the best interest of that patient as a whole placed first. 

Dating all the way to his undergraduate years, Dr. Gaines showed an affinity for teaching. As an instructor of the preparatory course for the medical school entrance exam test and a teacher to medical residents, he won the prestigious Resident Teacher of the Year during his General Psychiatry Residency Program.

This important quality has carried though his career, as he places the highest value in educating his patients so that they can make an informed decision about their own care. 

Dr. Gaines empowers his patients to be part of the decision making about what the next best steps might be for that individual.

Not only does he educate his patients, he is consistently seeking knowledge for himself, staying up to date on current treatment options in the behavioral health field, maintaining the highest standard of care. As a specialty-trained Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr. Gaines also understands that psychiatric conditions not only affect the person afflicted, but the loved ones caring for them as well, and he emphasizes the importance of family support. 

With all of these values and attributes, Dr. Jared Gaines has developed a remarkable reputation as a well-respected physician leader in Florida as well as a kind, caring, knowledgeable clinician who puts his patients’ individual needs as paramount.   

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