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Anxiety, Depression & Other Psychiatric Conditions

You’re not alone. Many people are anxious with all the current events. Yes, it will probably be okay, but you probably often do not feel that way. Are you experiencing shortness of breath from stress, maybe dizziness, or just nervous energy and feeling stir crazy?

We can help. Restore Health Urgent Care is partnering with Urgent Couch to provide relief through a combination of holistic and medicine-based approaches that will help calm your nerves and give you the confidence to operate and do the things you need to do in the current stressful environment. We are utilizing the proven Urgent Couch treatment protocols to help you today.

Call us for help with your anxiety at (321) 312-4580, Option 4.

Do You Need Relief Now?

Founding Urgent Couch with a desire to help people immediately who are struggling with emotional or psychological needs, Dr. Jared Gaines is leading a team that treats people when they need help – NOW.

Restore Health Urgent Care is working with him and his protocols to help with this important mission when it is most needed, in this crisis.

You get help for just $120 with this SPECIAL. We also take your regular insurance for this SPECIAL.

We can offer you a telemedicine or in office visit! Call us NOW for relief at (321) 312-4580, then press option 4

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Jared Gaines, MD. 

Read More About Dr. Jared Gaines, MD, here!


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