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We offer affordable DOT Physicals right in Palm Bay.

See a certified DOT Medical Examiner any day of the week at Restore Health Urgent Care. For companies with many drivers, we provide efficient and comprehensive reporting to your designated employer representative. We minimize wait times for your drivers, and can even provide on-site services.


$90 – DOT Physical
$110 – DOT Drug Screening
$180 – Package Deal: DOT Physical & Drug Screening
$25 – DOT Drug Screen – Collection Only with your Chain of Custody Form.

Why Choose Restore

Restore Health Urgent Care is an efficient walk-in clinic, staffed by friendly, professional providers. We’re open evenings and weekends, so nobody has to miss work, and appointments are not necessary. Drivers can simply walk into our clinic whenever it’s convenient, and complete a DOT Physical and Drug Screening under one roof.

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What is a DOT Physical?

DOT physicals are regular examinations required by Federal law for commercial motor vehicle drivers. Also known as the “Department of Transportation Medical Examinations,” DOT physicals are regulated for the drivers’ safety and are highly controlled. These physicals measure mental, physical, and emotional issues that could affect a driver’s ability to drive a commercial vehicle safely. Our DOT medical professionals are highly trained to understand the regulations and ensure drivers are not inappropriately limited.

How to Prepare

It’s extremely important that drivers come completely prepared for their exam. If you wear eye glasses, contact lenses, and/or a hearing aid, you must bring them. Have a list of any medications you take, including doses and contact information for the prescribing doctor(s). If you suffer from any other medical condition, you may be required to bring additional information (call ahead if you have questions). You can also download and complete the Driver sections of the the Medical Examination Report form.

What to Expect

During your DOT Physical, a certified examiner will review your medical history, perform a thorough physical exam. The examination includes an evaluation of a driver’s hearing, vision, blood pressure, and overall physical ability, as well as urinalysis. If you pass the DOT physical, we issue your Medical Examiner’s Certificate on the spot.

Understanding new DOT Form Requirements and Regulations

In April 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) updated their requirements for DOT forms. The grace period for the old MER form has ended and previous versions are no longer permitted. Click here to learn about changes to the DOT Form Requirements and Regulations .