DOT Form Requirements and Regulations

Restore Health Urgent Care walks you through the new DOT Form Requirements and Regulations from FMCSA:

Changing the new form in any way is not permitted.

Not allowed:

  • Company logos additions
  • Content changes
  • Adding content
  • Removing content
  • Moving content

Previous or modified DOT cards are no longer accepted.

The FMCSA and state license agencies should not accept previous or modified DOT cards. A driver is considered medically unqualified if they submit a non-compliant card to the state or local authorities.

There are a few changes on the new forms.

Now required:

  • Signed new privacy statement
  • CDL applicant, CDL holder, CLP applicant, or CLP holder specified
  • Additional health history questions
  • Driving territory specified
  • Government-issued photo ID verifying identity (like a commercial driver’s license) provided

If you were referred by or if we receive documentation from an ophthalmologist or optometrist for vision, your medical examiner will note it. The type of photo ID you used to verify your identity will also be documented.

Certificate extensions are not allowed under the new FMCSA regulations.

No exceptions can be made. Entirely new exams are required for all in order to be medically certified.

If you don’t pass part of the exam, you will be disqualified.

The new FMCSA regulations are clear that a driver who doesn’t pass part of the exam requires an entirely new exam to become medically certified. No “Determination Pending” or “Incomplete” statuses are allowed. Federal law states that there are no exceptions.
If a driver forgets their hearing aids or glasses, they cannot do part of the test and come back to complete the rest. Even if a driver simply forgot to bring the needed items to the exam, he or she will still have to complete an entirely new exam.