If you do not currently have any symptoms of COVID19, you are eligible for the Antibodies Test!

Feel free to walk in or make an appointment by calling (321) 312-4580, ext. 4


If you do have symptoms of COVID19, please call us at (321) 312-4580, ext. 4.

We will talk to you about your symptoms and help you get tested for COVID19.

If you have symptoms of COVID19, the antibodies test is not appropriate to confirm this!

What is an antibodies test?

An antibodies test is a blood test that helps determine if you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus and may have developed an immunity.


Who Can Be Tested?

Anyone who is not sick. If you are sick, call us so that we can take full precautions and give you a regular COVID19 test!

The antibodies test is for people who want to know if they have been exposed and may possibly be immune. The antibodies typically appear two weeks or later after exposure to the virus.


How much does it cost?


With insurance, the TEST IS FREE with an office visit. During the office visit, we make sure you do not have a fever or other signs of current infection and check your overall health, and then we run the test. 

If you do not have insurance, you can still take the test. We charge an office visit to make sure you are qualified for the test.

The test will be billed to you by Quest with a current price of $55.

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