As we work hard to battle this pandemic and limit its spread, COVID-19 testing is a popular topic in the United States. If you’re like many Americans, you have questions about how to get tested and when you need to.

As a leading provider of walk-in and urgent care services in Palm Bay, Florida, Restore Health Urgent Care is committed to providing our patients and their families with the most accurate and current health information. Recently, we shared useful information about telemedicine and urgent care during COVID-19.

To ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff, we also follow CDC and Florida Department of Health Guidance for COVID-19 sanitation. Another way we work to protect our patients is by sharing critical information about COVID-19 testing, as the CDC outlines it. While the information surrounding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, today we’re going to answer some of your top questions about COVID-19 testing with the information that’s currently available.

Who needs to be tested for COVID-19?

According to guidelines outlined by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, not everyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 needs to be tested. This is particularly true if symptoms are mild and recovery can take place at home without receiving medical care. We discuss some of the signs and symptoms of the coronavirus in this post.

The CDC also goes on to explain that decisions about testing are at the discretion of state and local health departments and/or individual clinicians. To find out if you should be tested, contact your health care provider to learn about your next steps.

We encourage you to contact the Florida Department of Health if:

• You (or someone you have had close contact with) have traveled in the last 30 days.
• You’ve had contact with someone who has COVID-19
• You or your household have been ordered to self-isolate (unrelated to the state’s Stay-at-Home order)
• If you have a fever with a runny nose or cough, and shortness of breath

They will decide whether you need to be tested. In the meantime, consult your health care provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning.

Click here to read about Florida Health’s COVID-19 response.

Where can I go for COVID-19 testing?

COVID-19 testing locations vary in different states. Certain areas offer drive-through testing services, while others require lab visits. Contact your medical provider to find out about testing near you. You can also visit your state or local health department’s website to look for the latest local information on testing. It’s important to remember that although test numbers are increasing, it can still be difficult to access COVID-19 testing in some places.

We do not currently have the resources for COVID-19 testing on-site. Please call us before coming in if you have any concerns regarding your symptoms or possible exposure (321) 312-4580. You can also learn about the services we provide here.

The Florida Department of Health advises you to get medical attention immediately if you develop these emergency warning signs for COVID-19:

• Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
• Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
• New confusion or inability to arouse
• Bluish lips or face

How is COVID-19 testing done?

Testing for COVID-19 is done by testing respiratory specimens gathered with swabs. For a nasopharyngeal swab, a health care provider has the person put their head back and inserts a flexible swab deep into the back of the nose to gather the specimen. The other swab test collects the specimen from inside the nostril. Then, a lab tests the swabs for COVID-19.

Precautions for COVID-19

The World Health Organization has shared important precautions for preventing the spread of COVID-19 for the good of public health.

They’ve outlined five critical steps for preventing the spread:
1. STAY home as much as you can
2. KEEP a safe distance and avoid close contact
3. WASH your hands often with soap and water
4. COVER your coughs and sneezes
5. SICK? Call ahead

Urgent care clinics and other medical facilities are doing their part to help prevent the spread, too. Click here to read about the specific steps Restore Health is taking to protect patients and staff on site. We’re also pleased to offer telemedicine services covered by your regular insurance just like an office visit.

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Thanks to a Veteran’s Affairs urgent care program introduced in 2019, many Veterans in the Palm Bay, Florida area, can now also receive walk-in services at Restore Health Urgent Care. Click here to learn more about using your VA benefits at urgent care.

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