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This test is only if you are currently NOT SICK AND SYMPTOM-FREE.

If you have symptoms, call us, and we will help you get a regular COVID19 Test.


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As a service to the community, we are offering Telemedicine Visits for only $80 if you do not have insurance!

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At Restore Health Urgent Care, our patients are our priority. We believe in short wait times, fewer forms, and less hassle. We work hard to create an effortless experience that will make you say, “WOW!”

Convenient Care

We’re here to care for you 7 days a week! Our clinic is open Monday through Friday 8am to 7pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm. With no appointment necessary, you can just walk in to start feeling better. We also offer online check-in to save you time.

Affordable Payment Options

With or without insurance, we’ve got you covered. Restore Health Urgent Care accepts most major insurances and offers significant discounts for self-pay patients. Learn about our VIP Memberships for even more savings.

Are you a VIP?

Feel Better for Less Than $1 a Day and $25 Per Visit. Restore Health Urgent Care’s VIP Medical Membership provides access to truly affordable medical services for most reasons patients seek care.

Flu Shots: Safety, Side Effects, and Facts

Many experts are stressing the importance of flu shots more than ever this year. As we enter into flu season, we are still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic so it's important to do whatever we can to protect ourselves and stay healthy. And the flu shot is a great...

Can You Establish a Primary Care Physician at Urgent Care?

One of the biggest misconceptions about visiting an urgent care center for your medical needs is that you won’t have a primary care physician. The truth is, many clinics, including Restore Health Urgent Care in Palm Bay, FL., make it easy for you to establish a...

COVID-19 Testing: What to Expect

As we all adapt to the unprecedented times brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, we face a lot of uncertainty about the future each day. But one thing we do know is how COVID-19 testing works, and we want to share this information with you to help you feel empowered...

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